Welcome to Aramee

Aramee Restaurant is a Bangladeshi and Indian Cuisine that provide food and music developed its distinctive quality with the establishment of Delhi Sultanate. Exotic dishes of the Persian Court added with a blend of Indian Spices produced the famous dishes of today. In addition, the people of the East believe hospitality is synonymous with good food and we are particular to preserve this tradition. At Aramee we aim to give a genuine traditional Bangladeshi & Indian dining experience with elegance.

The dishes our chefs produce will be of high quality and made in the style for the Maharajas of India. Our chefs only make dishes with the use of natural ingredients, individually prepared incorporating fresh herbs and spices to cook the exotic and sumptuous treats. Most importantly we would like you to enjoy your visit and assure you that your comfort and dining satisfaction are of utmost importance to me & my staff. So whatever your occasion is for entering Aramee whether it is a special event an anniversary or a romantic treat we will make sure it's an occasion to remember.